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A young college student approached me one day and said, “I’m in a part-time youth ministry job in a small, growing church. My brother gave me a ‘youth ministry manual’ that had enough content for about three good program nights in it, and that’s about all I know about youth ministry. I...
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Why Do They Do It?

Have you ever wondered why your volunteer keep showing up each week?  Why they come back the next week after they were spit up on the week before?  Why they return after spending hours cleaning up after the pizza party that got a little wild? Maybe it’s for the smell of powdery, sunshine-filled hope they sniff...
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Easier vs. Better

“It’s easier if I do it myself,” I responded to a volunteer. It was a Sunday afternoon and we were preparing for our youth group Super Bowl party that evening. I had run to the grocery store and picked up drinks, stopped by the restaurant to pick up wings, and gathered all of the meal...
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Missions Missteps?

It’s summer planning time! And for many youth ministries that means summer mission trips. Have you ever really asked yourself (or your congregation) why you offer service projects and/or mission trips to your youth? Why are service projects and mission trips so important to you and your...
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