Monthly Archives: September 2017

Starting a Prayer Group

“We just need more pizza,“ said, one of the parents in the room.  Another one spouted off, “We just need to do bigger outreaches with lots of fun activities, that will get them here!”  As I sat there, fearing endless amounts of pepperoni pizza haunting me in my dreams and yet another concert, bonfire, movie...
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You will lose one third of your millennials this year… now what?

The Evanescent Generation

Any young adult living in the Millennial generation has experienced this situation in some form or another, imagine you’re part of it right now. It’s finally the weekend, and your friends are busy preparing an evening out. The five of you haven’t been together in, what feels like, months and you’re eager to...
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Reimagining Young Adult Ministry, Part One

I’ll admit it; I’m a sucker for reality television. There’s just something about sitting in my living room watching you in your living room that is entertaining! Believe it or not, my wife and I were recently featured on a reality TV show where viewers watched us buy a house.  Spoiler alert: we chose the third one. Who...
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Busting Growth Barriers

Every ministry faces growth barriers. No church grows all the time without facing a plateau or season of struggles. The question isn’t if we will face growth barriers, it’s what will we do when they come? We will all face growth barriers, but we don’t have bow...
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