Monthly Archives: October 2017

Seven Tips for Connecting with Families Using Social Media

There may not be much that our society agrees on these days, but I think we can agree on this one thing: social media is an essential tool for connecting families to our ministries.  No matter which platform you choose to use, social media helps keep families in the know in a timely manner, in...
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Why Senior Guys Quit Coming to Your Church!

One weekday noon I found myself eating lunch with about a dozen or so men who were on the sidelines as far as church involvement was concerned. At one time, all had been heavily involved in a leadership capacity in their church. Some belonged to my former church — others belonged to churches where I...
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Why Church Meetings Are So Awful

We don’t hate church meetings as much as we say we do. 

We just hate lousy church meetings.

At least that’s the contention of Patrick Lencioni, author of “Death By Meeting.”

When a fellow youth pastor recommended Lencioni’s book, I assumed the author was handing out tips on how to...

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Five Indicators of a Toxic Culture

  I’ve never met a leader who dreamed of having a toxic culture. Leaders want to lead a healthy culture, and volunteers want to serve in one as well. Nothing will make a great volunteer or staff member run away faster than a toxic culture! I’ve had the privilege to work in some healthy cultures, and the nightmare of a...
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