Monthly Archives: November 2017

10 Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Volunteers

It’s that time of year. Throughout Fall, we see signs that proclaim gratefulness and the tone of social media becomes more positive. People speak about what makes them thankful. They post pictures, and use words, to show their gratefulness. As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, let’s not forget those who share our tasks, teach our...
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Three Words Successful Youth Workers Know

There are three words that every successful youth worker knows. They don’t just know them either, they live by them. These three words reframe a leader’s perspective and fill them with gratitude and energy. Every successful youth worker knows these three words because they are...
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Lasting Fruit

  What if there were a clear, time-tested strategy for growing fruitful disciples in your church? What if youth ministry could be less about busyness and activity and more about fruitfulness and productivity?  Read more

Spiritual Formation and Youth Ministry

One of our main goals, as youth leaders is to develop the spiritual maturity of our students (and ourselves). The reason we have Friday night youth group, lock-ins, mission trips, and Bible studies is to nurture the transformation process of our student’s spiritual journeys. Let’s take a closer look at a definition of Spiritual Formation...
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