Monthly Archives: January 2018

Three Must Haves For a Growing Ministry Team

Two years ago my family and I picked up and moved to a new city and a new church. It's been a crazy good couple of years for us, and we've loved every second of it! However, the transition didn't come without it's challenges. Over the past...
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YOU ARE NOT ALONE: Let Partnerships Provide a Web of Support

Introduction I was talking with a very faithful, loving parent the other day, a parent whose faith journey I admire and whose opinion I greatly respect. I asked her, “If you could say one thing to the people at your church who work in youth ministry, what would it be?” Knowing that she comes...
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Four Ways a Growing Ministry Can Kill Itself

Most of us have seen hot youth ministries or churches suddenly crash. Why does that happen?

Business guru Verne Harnish has researched the same phenomenon in the business world. He noticed that rapidly rising companies often kill themselves at the same time they are growing like crazy. In fact, it’s because they...

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Don’t Quit This Year

Youth ministry is hard, and the odds are you will want to quit at some point this year. We’ve all had bad ministry moments, and it’s not uncommon to end up in your car at the end of the night wondering what in the world you’re doing. We...
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