Age-Level Ministry Support

Youth, Children and Young Adult Ministry


Ministry Architects has the expertise and experience to support your church or ministry in several key areas. We've worked with over 750 churches from 23 different denominations since 2002.

Youth Ministry - Ministry Architects has a proven track record of building sustainable youth ministries. Remember, it takes more than a great youth pastor to have a great youth ministry.

Children's Ministry - After many years of working with youth ministry, our alumni churches asked us for the same kind of support in the area of children's ministry. Guess works!!

Young Adult Ministry - Our Ministry Architects team is very diverse. We have several team members with a proven track record in the area of young adult ministry. We'd love to help your church take intentional steps in this critical area.

Small Churches, too - We love small churches! Ministry Architects has helped many churches that have less than 150 people in worship. We'd love to support your small church, too.