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Three Priorities for a Growing Youth Ministry

What do growing youth ministries have in common? What makes them so healthy? What causes them to grow while others don't? I've never met a youth worker who didn't want their youth ministry to grow. That would be like finding a 5 year old that doesn't like cookies! It would be weird. However, even though we...
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Stop Leading Backwards

Most leaders lead backwards. The problem is they don’t know it. Until they figure it out and do something about it though, they will never lead up to their full potential. 

Last October, I accepted a new job. It was at a bigger church than I had ever served at and came...

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Simply Successful Churches

Why is it that some ministries are more successful than others? One church reaches hundreds while another reaches tens. One church disciples it’s people, while another distances them. One church grows while another groans. So what’s the difference? There are a lot of things that go toward a church’s level of success. However, there are a...
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