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5 Reasons Your Youth Ministry Needs Goals

What do you think of when you hear about setting goals? Many think of resolutions, especially this time of year, but goals are much more than that! Resolutions don’t stick, but goals do. We also think of goals as a personal thing. We think about setting goals as an...
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Three Words Successful Youth Workers Know

There are three words that every successful youth worker knows. They don’t just know them either, they live by them. These three words reframe a leader’s perspective and fill them with gratitude and energy. Every successful youth worker knows these three words because they are...
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Five Indicators of a Toxic Culture

  I’ve never met a leader who dreamed of having a toxic culture. Leaders want to lead a healthy culture, and volunteers want to serve in one as well. Nothing will make a great volunteer or staff member run away faster than a toxic culture! I’ve had the privilege to work in some healthy cultures, and the nightmare of a...
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The Youth Ministry Growth Dilemma

More than anything else I hear, youth workers tell me they want their ministry to grow. They don't want a raise or to make a name for themselves, they just want to impact as many students as possible. Numbers matter because people matter! While most all of us want to see our ministries grow, statistics tell us that most of us...
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