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How to Create Curriculum From Your Favorite Books

In youth ministry we are constantly in search of great curriculum and lessons that will both engage our students with both mind and heart. I find that too often that is a very difficult and sometimes impossible task. In my early years of youth ministry I would often find myself reading books for my own...
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The Fixer Problem in Parenting

First off, I love Anthony Bourdain. Beyond all of the great writing, incredible food and interesting people, his show provides one element that separates it from the rest of the massive food television market: location. From Russia, to Peru to the DMZ of the Korean Peninsula, "No Reservations" took the viewer into some of the...
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The Two Most Dangerous Words In Youth Ministry

It is interesting how collective subconscious forms within organizations and people groups.  Without people ever really talking about a subject in much detail they can often begin to collect around a given topic, adopt a common set of vocabulary and then ultimately become a substantive force to be reckoned with.  It is very interesting that...
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