Stop Leading Backwards

Most leaders lead backwards. The problem is they don’t know it. Until they figure it out and do something about it though, they will never lead up to their full potential. 

Last October, I accepted a new job. It was at a bigger church than I had ever served at and came...

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Unite The Generations

My grandmother is without a doubt one of the most influential people in my life. It is her love and devotion to God that has inspired me to be faithful and obedient as I serve and love Jesus. There have been many times when I have been faced with a challenge in life and I...
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It’s All About That Bass

There I was, sitting across a desk from an eager youth pastor (I'll call her Cindy). We had just spent a few days with her church and prepared a youth ministry assessment report. The presentation went over like gangbusters. People were excited because we put a plan together to help them put effective...

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How to Create Curriculum From Your Favorite Books

In youth ministry we are constantly in search of great curriculum and lessons that will both engage our students with both mind and heart. I find that too often that is a very difficult and sometimes impossible task. In my early years of youth ministry I would often find myself reading books for my own...
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