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Three Must Haves For a Growing Ministry Team

Two years ago my family and I picked up and moved to a new city and a new church. It's been a crazy good couple of years for us, and we've loved every second of it! However, the transition didn't come without it's challenges. Over the past...
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Four Ways a Growing Ministry Can Kill Itself

Most of us have seen hot youth ministries or churches suddenly crash. Why does that happen?

Business guru Verne Harnish has researched the same phenomenon in the business world. He noticed that rapidly rising companies often kill themselves at the same time they are growing like crazy. In fact, it’s because they...

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Building Ministry with Slow Change: “Trust the Process”

The Uncovered Dish Christian Leadership Podcast is a bi-monthly podcast on Christian leadership by the United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey that uncovers stories, equips leaders, and changes the world. In this gospel-centered podcast hosts James Lee and Kaitlynn Deal invite guest on the show to share, discuss, and journey with listeners on what churches and congregations...
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10 Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Volunteers

It’s that time of year. Throughout Fall, we see signs that proclaim gratefulness and the tone of social media becomes more positive. People speak about what makes them thankful. They post pictures, and use words, to show their gratefulness. As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, let’s not forget those who share our tasks, teach our...
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