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Striving for Health

I was recently meeting with a ministry director who had been through a bit of a tough year. From an outsider’s perspective, his ministry was going well. Kids were involved and growing in their faith. Volunteers were showing up, engaged and leading with excitement.  Yet something was a bit off. This director was leading several...
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Mad at Church – Fight, Flight, or Freeze?

No one warned us that we’d get mad at our church. You would hope that church work would be different, right? But church people are still people, and when the stakes are high and emotions are higher, most of us do a lousy job at holding a constructive conversation. The authors of “Crucial Conversations” say that you...
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Stop Leading Backwards

Most leaders lead backwards. The problem is they don’t know it. Until they figure it out and do something about it though, they will never lead up to their full potential. 

Last October, I accepted a new job. It was at a bigger church than I had ever served at and came...

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It’s All About That Bass

There I was, sitting across a desk from an eager youth pastor (I'll call her Cindy). We had just spent a few days with her church and prepared a youth ministry assessment report. The presentation went over like gangbusters. People were excited because we put a plan together to help them put effective...

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