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Easier vs. Better

“It’s easier if I do it myself,” I responded to a volunteer. It was a Sunday afternoon and we were preparing for our youth group Super Bowl party that evening. I had run to the grocery store and picked up drinks, stopped by the restaurant to pick up wings, and gathered all of the meal...
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Content Vs Systems

Contributor - Annette Safstrom, Senior Consultant with Ministry Architects Content vs. Systems Meet Anxious Amy. She loves, loves, loves Jesus, and she loves kids. She has been leading a large children’s ministry at her own church for over 7 years, and Amy has been running at full speed, ever since she can remember. Her motto...
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The Toxic Volunteer

Contributor - Stephanie Caro, Senior Consultant with Ministry Architects The Toxic Volunteer Oh the drama trauma! Gossip, parking lot conversations, and flying texts – it never seems to stop. All a part of working with high schoolers, you say? No, high school drama I can take. It’s why we were hired, after all. The person...
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