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Why Do They Do It?

Have you ever wondered why your volunteer keep showing up each week?  Why they come back the next week after they were spit up on the week before?  Why they return after spending hours cleaning up after the pizza party that got a little wild? Maybe it’s for the smell of powdery, sunshine-filled hope they sniff...
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Easier vs. Better

“It’s easier if I do it myself,” I responded to a volunteer. It was a Sunday afternoon and we were preparing for our youth group Super Bowl party that evening. I had run to the grocery store and picked up drinks, stopped by the restaurant to pick up wings, and gathered all of the meal...
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Content Vs Systems

Contributor - Annette Safstrom, Senior Consultant with Ministry Architects Content vs. Systems Meet Anxious Amy. She loves, loves, loves Jesus, and she loves kids. She has been leading a large children’s ministry at her own church for over 7 years, and Amy has been running at full speed, ever since she can remember. Her motto...
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