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The Toxic Volunteer

Contributor - Stephanie Caro, Senior Consultant with Ministry Architects The Toxic Volunteer Oh the drama trauma! Gossip, parking lot conversations, and flying texts – it never seems to stop. All a part of working with high schoolers, you say? No, high school drama I can take. It’s why we were hired, after all. The person...
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Of Course It Makes A Difference

Contributor - Jeff Dunn-Rankin, Vice President of Consulting with Ministry Architects I think when you tell a story, pray a fervent prayer or throw any sort of ministry into God's waters, you never know where the ripples are going to travel. Just now, I was praying after reading a passage in Matthew, and I was...
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What Did You Say?

Contributor - Bryant Johnson, Lead Consultant with Ministry Architects In 2002 Verizon began a new ad campaign that would come with a catch phrase, which would be used for year’s to come. “Can you hear me now?” It was addressing the challenge that other cellular networks were having with dropped calls. Quite simply, there...
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