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Staffing Your Ministry Strategically

One thing is for certain at each of our churches… we hope for our ministries to grow. However, growing ministries can put a strain on understaffed ministries. That is especially true when the growth in the ministry takes place quickly. Most churches will praise the work, energy, and effort that the staff have put in...
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CHURCH STAFFING: Building a Balanced Team


Have you ever wondered why some church staff teams just seem to have it all together, seem to always get the job done effectively, and yet seem to be composed of this hodgepodge of people who have very little in common? Welcome to a very balanced church staff with its eye on a...
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Short Term Fixes or Long Range Plans

Most consultants know the scenario all too well. A phone call comes in -- “We need help in our ___________ area.” A conversation ensues during which the consultant lays out how our strategic visioning process works, including how it maximizes effort and focus into an efficient whole. After a...
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