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It’s Official: Millennials Are Taking Over The World!

Renée Wilson, Staff Consultant & Search Specialist Don’t worry. This isn’t another article on “reaching” that awful generation that just won’t seem to go away. (fun facts: sarcasm is a love language. And I’m a Millennial.) No, no. THIS is a word on how to work with those who are now a part of “the largest generation...
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How to Start a Great Summer Intern Program

It’s summer, which means it time for cookouts, pools, youth camps, and internships. Every summer, youth ministries all over the country host interns in some form or fashion. Maybe they're paid, but more often they’re volunteer. Maybe they’re seminary students, or maybe they're graduating seniors from your...
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Searching for the Right Hire

I remember as a kid how much I wrestled with what I would be for Halloween. Whatever costume I chose had to be the perfect fit. It had to fit my personality and no ordinary costume would do. Minnie Mouse? No. Superwoman? Eh, maybe. A giant whoopee cushion? Yes,...
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