Listen, Design and Build

We listen first, and then design a ministry that will last.


A great architect listens first. The design phase begins after a period of listening and discussion. Each church is special, and your context is somewhat unique. Therefore, your ministry blueprint will be different from any other church.

A great architect asks the right questions. A really good question might generate new ideas or opportunities.

A great architect knows how a building should be built. There is a correct way to construct the foundation of a building. The walls must be placed in the right locations, too.

A great architects sticks around during the construction phase to ensure that everything is built properly.

Ministry Architects will help you build a sustainable, healthy ministry. The principles listed above apply to ministries, too:

  • Listening – Our process begins with an onsite ministry assessment. We’ll make sure that your church’s stakeholders feel heard and valued.
  • Questions – We’ll suggest a few things and ask the right questions to make sure that we have the full picture of what your church needs.
  • Design – We’ll design a strategic plan that honors your dreams and helps you to overcome your challenges. Along the way we’ll make sure that the right systems are included to make sure that your ministry has a steady upward trajectory.
  • Construction – We’ll walk with you through the month-by-month plan that was created during the onsite assessment. We’ll help you move quickly, and we’ll troubleshoot the surprises that seem to pop up during almost any project of this nature.


  • Transformation begins to happen and lives are becoming more centered on Christ.
  • A sustainable ministry that is owned by the congregation and not too dependent on the paid staff.
  • Higher levels of volunteer engagement. This includes parental support for ministries to children and youth.
  • Realistic expectations and clear objectives for the future.
  • Less staff transition.
  • Resources that have been aligned to support mission and vision.
  • Improved visibility, communication and marketing of your church or individual ministry.