• Mark Schultz CD

    Mark Schultz CD

    Mark Schultz shares how Mark DeVries, President of Ministry Architects inspires him and has inspired several of the songs he...

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  • Before You Hire a Youth Pastor

    Before You Hire a Youth Pastor

    This is the perfect resource for any search committee. The book models a thorough process designed to land great candidates....

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  • Books, Resources, and More

    Books, Resources, and More

    We have over 30 books in our Resource Store. Pick up a few ministry tools, as well as books for professional...

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  • Free Curriculum Samples

    Free Curriculum Samples

    Spice Rack is a biblically-driven curriculum written by Mark DeVries. It is fantastic for middle school and high school youth....

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  • Building Your Volunteer Team

    Building Your Volunteer Team

    Do you need more volunteers? Find them in 30 days with this new resource from Mark DeVries and Nate Stratman....

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  • Summer Trip Planning

    Summer Trip Planning

    Do you have a big summer trip coming to camp or even overseas? Stephen Ingram, Lead Consultant with Ministry Architects,...

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  • Volunteer Training Resource

    Volunteer Training Resource

    Mark DeVries and Jeff Dunn-Rankin just released a new book that is full of great tips for equipping volunteers. Do your volunteers...

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  • Volunteer Training Ideas

    Volunteer Training Ideas

    Why don't volunteers sign up for training? They ask for training, and then they don't show up. Jeff Dunn-Rankin, Vice...

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  • Ten Tips for Great Volunteers

    Ten Tips for Great Volunteers

    Scott Pontier, Lead Consultant with Ministry Architects, speaks directly to volunteers and the people that manage them. Do you want...

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