• Equipping Your Volunteer Team

    Equipping Your Volunteer Team

    Jeff Dunn-Rankin, VP of Ministry Architects, speaks honestly about volunteer training and equipping. Why is it so hard? Why don't...

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  • Planning Your Ministry Calendar

    Planning Your Ministry Calendar

    Annette Safstrom, Lead Consultant with Ministry Architects, spends a little time helping you prepare your major events calendar for ministries...

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  • Small Church – Critical Mass?

    Small Church – Critical Mass?

    Stephanie Caro, Senior Consultant with Ministry Architects, helps those of us caught up in the pursuit of critical mass. What...

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  • Major Event Coordinators

    Major Event Coordinators

    Mark DeVries unpacks the process of working with major event coordinators. Learn more about recruiting, supporting and retaining coordinators for...

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  • Fall Planning Ideas

    Fall Planning Ideas

    Do you need a few quick ideas for fall programming? Are you looking for a creative idea to liven things...

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