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Staffing Your Ministry Strategically

One thing is for certain at each of our churches… we hope for our ministries to grow. However, growing ministries can put a strain on understaffed ministries. That is especially true when the growth in the ministry takes place quickly. Most churches will praise the work, energy, and effort that the staff have put in...
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One Step at a Time

One Step At A Time

Have you ever had the privilege of being present when a little one takes his first steps? There’s anticipation and excitement and collectively-held breath… and then joy as he toddles forward, however short-lived. Those few seemingly insignificant movements literally change his life. They may not seem like much at first glance, but they...
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The Youth Ministry Separator: What Makes the Best Youth Ministries Best?

There are a lot of different youth ministry models to choose from. Different youth ministries do different things well, and we can all learn from each other. Regardless of the size of your ministry, we all have something to learn from one another! I learned a powerful youth ministry lesson from watching other youth ministries. As I’ve traveled and met...
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