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AFTER GRADUATION: Stay Connected for Long-term Impact

I remember that I was shocked, absolutely SHOCKED, when I first heard statistics about the long-term impact of local church youth ministries… or actually the lack of it. According to the leader of a seminar I took at the National Youth Workers’ Convention, in his denomination only 6% of youth ministry participants were...
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★ Reaching Millennials & Reimagining Young Adult Ministry ★

Check out this special episode of the This Week in Youth Ministry podcast! Terrace Crawford hosts a roundtable discussion with Mark DeVries, Scott Pontier, and Stephanie Caro on Reimagining Young Adult Ministry!  How do we reach millennials? Should Youth Ministries operate differently than they (currently) do? PLUS+ we've got great resources to help you grow your...
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Do You Know the 12, 12, 12 Rule?

Many churches with which I’ve worked, especially those doing ministry in small churches that don’t have a very strong presence of young people, find themselves wondering what more they could do to attract youth. They recognize the benefits of having youthful energy and long for a thriving youth ministry. Why? Perhaps they feel like a...
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BIG TRENDS: The Millennials Have Left the Building; Enter the iGeneration!


On March 1, 2018 Michael Dimock, President of the Pew Research Center, shared in an article called “Defining Generations: Where Millennials End and Post-millennials Begin” that the Pew Center would use the year 1996 as the last year of the Millennial Generation. And while there is some disagreement amongst experts in the fields...
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