Before You Hire a Youth Pastor – Resource Disk



This CD-ROM is stuffed with documents, forms, letters, checklists, and spreadsheets that will help you conduct an effective, fruitful search for your congregation’s next youth worker. They’ve been compiled by veteran youth workers and consultants Mark DeVries, and Jeff Dunn-Rankin, who wrote the companion book Before You Hire a Youth Pastor. Avoid a “normal” search that produces predictable, normal results-a youth worker who isn’t aligned to the church’s vision, a youth pastor who doesn’t stay around long, or any number of other outcomes that limit the vitality of your youth ministry. Instead, use these tools to conduct an “abnormal” search that leads you to the right person for your congregation. Here’s a sampling of the items we’ve included on this CD-ROM:

*Job description for your search team
* Sample job descriptions for full-time and part-time youth workers
*Recommended sites to post your job opening
*Survey for examining your staff structure
*On-site and videoconference interview questions
*Reference phone calling guide
*Template for search timeline
*Candidate tracking spreadsheet
*First month on the job checklist
*Sample e-mails to candidates
*Encouraging videos from the authors

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