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Are you a church or faith-based organization in need of your next new hire?

Then you’ve found the right team. Ministry Architects has conducted close to 300 searches in the last 12 years, helping create sustainable ministries along the way. Our approach is not one of headhunting but of learning your context, listening to your community, then leading a strategic process that’s inviting to prospective candidates.

Ministry Architects not only manages the work of searching for your next staff member, we teach you our approach along the way. We’re an ambassador for your church, a guide for your team, and a lifter of the weight such work can bring.

If you’re interested in understanding more about how we can help, let us know below.

If you’re curious what others have said about our work, check out these words from search teams across the country:

Presbyterian Church, near Denver, Colorado:
“I have served on a lot of different boards and committees. Every one of them would be envious of the leadership, the organization, the structure, and the process that I recognize that you are bringing to this entire process. I feel like there’s grace and there’s ease and functionality that goes beyond most things that I’ve been involved in at a committee level.”

United Methodist Church, near Chicago, Illinois:
“The opportunity to take a wholistic look at the need we had for a Children’s Minister and the screening process. It was great to have the search come from outside the church and have MA create a position description and seek candidates for us. I loved the opportunity to view many candidates and consider what each person may bring to the position.”

Episcopal Church, near Houston, Texas
“I loved how very thorough all the research and background information was on each candidate. The information was very organized and accessible to all. The leadership and guidance throughout the process was fantastic. It was SO helpful to know what the “the next step” would be. I truly felt that our time together was focused and productive; not one minute was wasted.”

Non-denominational Church, near Indianapolis, Indiana
“Working with Ministry Architects to find our next Student Pastor was encouraging and life-giving. Now we have an incredible fit for our unique culture.”

Presbyterian Church, near Memphis, Tennessee
“It was honestly a fun process!! Making new connections with search members, making connections with the Ministry Architects people, and interviewing people together was something that brought joy to my 2020.”