Church Consulting


"Ministry Architects did a great job in an amazingly short amount of time! They got a broad range of input, assimilated it well, then presented it clearly, concisely and beautifully!"

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Age-Level Support


"It was amazing to see abstract concepts turned into concrete material. They made the most difficult parts of ministry seem very tangible and manageable."

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Search Support


"Our search committee is confident that using Ministry Architects has been a good decision and that it has enhanced the number and quality of candidates."

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Virtual Assistance


Are you or your key leaders spending too much time focusing on administrative tasks? Are you interested in 21st Century staffing approaches that will save you both time and money?

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Summer Support

90 Days Free

Conduct a ministry assessment in June, July or August and get free access to Simply Youth Ministry Tools for 90 days. Attendance tracking, database, event management, volunteer support and more.

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Strategic Planning for Your Church

What's next for your church or ministry? How do you get there? We can help with strategic planning, resource alignment, staff structures and property adaptation. We'll help you develop a plan with clear steps for implementation.

Age-level Support: Youth, Children and Young Adults

500 churches big and small from 23 different denominations. That's how many churches are enjoying a more steady and sustainable approach to youth, children's and young adult ministry.

Support for Your Search Process

Ministry Architects can help you locate the right candidate for your open position. Along the way, we'll also help you create a healthier ministry, too. The right staff in the right structure. Sounds good doesn't it?

Helpful Ministry Resources

  • Free for 90 Days
    Free for 90 Days

    Summer Support Combo. Conduct a ministry assessment during June, July or August and you'll receive free access to Simply Youth Ministry Tools for 90 days. Click here to...

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  • Free Curriculum Samples
    Free Curriculum Samples

    Spice Rack is a biblically-driven curriculum written by Mark DeVries. It is fantastic for middle school and high school youth. Each downloadable lesson is packed with activities, discussion...

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  • Summer Trip Planning
    Summer Trip Planning

    Do you have a big summer trip coming to camp or even overseas? Stephen Ingram, Lead Consultant with Ministry Architects, discusses the steps and processes that are needed...

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  • Volunteer Training Resource
    Volunteer Training Resource

    Mark DeVries and Jeff Dunn-Rankin just released a new book that is full of great tips for equipping volunteers. Do your volunteer skip your training events? Click here....

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