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No catch – it really is a free coaching call! We believe coaching is so beneficial that everyone should experience it for themselves. If you want more, we can let you know how to partner with a coach for long-term support. But this call really is free; there’s no obligation or expectation. We know you’ll get something immediately applicable out of your free call, and we are delighted to help.

While we acknowledge that each church, seminary, organization, and ministry is called to something unique, there are a few commonalities we are striving for with each client.

  1. Involvement. Organizations are healthier when members have ownership in the ministry. We engage teams in our process and have experienced increased attendance, volunteerism, stewardship, and community, as a result.
  2. Sustainability. We’re about both the now and the next. And having the right systems, people, and resources in place to undergird and bolster the work of the church means when something unexpected happens, or there’s a time of transition, the ministry is able to continue moving forward.
  3. Visibility. Being a cohesive unit, not just a collection of separate silos, takes planning and intentionality. That’s why strategic integration of the ministry with the greater church, including improved communication, engagement of specific stakeholder groups, and more consistent storytelling, is a part of our work.

Because each ministry is unique and each solution custom, each project will have a different price point. Price tends to vary depending on how much of the load we are lifting for you and how much you are lifting for yourself. No matter what your budget is, we have options. Together, we will create a plan that will move you and your ministry forward.

Each one of our consultants has a minimum of 10 years of ministry experience. Every consultant is thoroughly vetted and then trained in the knowledge and skills needed to ensure you get the results you are seeking. Ministry Architects is very discerning and selective when it comes to our consultants. We receive hundreds of applicants every year and only a small fraction of those become consultants.

We work with any Christian organization, no matter what your denomination or theological perspective. (See our value of theological humility.) We’ve worked with all types of Christian churches, judicatories, seminaries, and non-profit Christian organizations.

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