Who We Are

Ministry Architects is a highly-skilled team of pastors, teachers, executives, youth workers, children's pastors, writers and professors. We're fanatical about success and we can help your church find clear direction and sustained momentum backed up by properly aligned resources.

Ministry Architects has partnered with nearly 600 churches from 23 different denominations. We’ve grown from being a youth ministry consulting group to being so much more. Big and small churches are working with Ministry Architects to do church-wide strategic planning, build sustainable children’s ministries and reach young adults, too.

Our History


Mark DeVries, our President, releases his book entitled Family Based Youth Ministry. Churches begin asking Mark to assist with implementing the practices introduced in the book.


Several friends and colleagues have been supporting churches alongside our President. Youth Ministry Architects is officially incorporated.


Mark released another book entitled Sustainable Youth Ministry. More churches begin requesting supporting with their youth ministries. Churches frequently request children's ministry support, too.


In response to increasing pressure Youth Ministry Architects unveils a new team and new plans to support children's ministry in local church.


Youth Ministry Architects evolves once again. The new name of Ministry Architects is introduced, and support is now offered to whole churches with a special passion for smaller churches.

Job Opportunities

Join the Ministry Architects team.

We have lots of requests from people wanting to join the staff at Ministry Architects. We have found an approach that works best for us. Twice each year we dig into our records and invite a few consultants to join us as they are needed. Go ahead and drop us an email with your resume if you'd like to be considered for future employment.

[email protected]

Job Openings at a Ministry Architects Church

Ministry Architects maintains one of the best job boards that you'll find online. Candidates can post their resumes. Churches and ministries post their openings there, too. It is user friendly and absolutely free. Check it out for yourself and let us know how we can support your search.

Click to visit www.hireayouthpastor.com

The Ministry Architects Mission and Values:

Ministry Architects exists to:

DESIGN sustainable, deep-impact ministries, one church at a time.

BUILD the competence, joy and longevity of ministry professionals.

CONSTRUCT bridges to the best ministry resources available today.

Our Core Values:

CHRIST-CENTERED -Our foundational assumption is that this life, at its best, is found in knowing and following Jesus Christ.

PLAYFULNESS -We take God seriously enough to prevent us from taking ourselves too seriously, making laughter, celebration and joy normative expressions of our work.

CLIMATE -We establish a climate of non-anxiousness for churches that have become mired in anxiousness, conflict and frustration.

RELATIONSHIPS -We build lifelong connections with our clients and connect them to the people and resources they need to accomplish their missions.

CREATIVITY -We think “outside the box” to help youth and children's ministries go beyond traditional models of staffing, structuring and implementation.

RESPONSIVENESS -We enjoy giving our clients more than they expect from us, providing them with the tools they need before they can know what tools to ask for.

RESULTS-ORIENTED - We are not dispensers of advice, but guarantors of intentional progress.

HOLY APATHY -We take time to know our clients, their denominations and their dreams for their own ministries without imposing a one-size-fits-all “model” on churches.

THE POOR - We construct our ministry in such a way that those in most desperate need of our services are increasingly served by members of our team.