Monthly Archives: April 2017

Five Traits of High Capacity Volunteers (and how to find them!)

No matter what your ministry context is or what denomination your church is a part of, we all have a common problem. As a matter of fact, it’s probably the greatest challenge church leaders face in ministry. If we don’t find a way to overcome it, we will shortchange our ministry potential. But if we...
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The Two Most Dangerous Words In Youth Ministry

It is interesting how collective subconscious forms within organizations and people groups.  Without people ever really talking about a subject in much detail they can often begin to collect around a given topic, adopt a common set of vocabulary and then ultimately become a substantive force to be reckoned with.  It is very interesting that...
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Youth Ministry and the Five Love Languages

Imagine Kaylee, a 7th grader who is new in town, comes to your youth group this week. Her mom made her.

You want to make sure she feels welcome, so you greet her at the door with, "Ich bin sehr froh dass du hier bist.”

She gives you the blank stare.

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Transitioning Well

How many of you are permanent youth directors working in churches or other ministries right now? I was a permanent youth director in Nashville for about two years…until I moved.  Then I was a permanent youth director in a suburb of St. Louis for four years…until I was called to another church. I’m coming to realize I’ve...
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