Resources to use with Building Your Volunteer Team

Thank you for purchasing a copy of Building Your Volunteer Team by Mark DeVries and Nate Stratman. The resources below will be helpful as you begin preparing for recruiting in your own setting. Please feel free to use them in your ministry. Let us know how we can support your work.

Documents for download:

30 Day Change – Master Needs List Template WORD

30 Day Change – Master Recruiting Template EXCEL

30 Day Change – Youth Leader Directory Template

30 Day Change – Youth Ministry Helper Survey

30 Day Change – Org Chart Template

30 Day Change – Org Chart Template Large Church

Child Protection Policies and Forms

Rhythmic Week Article

Sabbath Article

Balcony Time Article

Student Database Template

If you’re having trouble opening¬†the documents above please download this zipped file to your desktop.

Zipped File of 30 Day Resources