Consulting Services

More and more ministry leaders are discovering the profound benefit of church consulting, nonprofit consulting, and consulting for higher education. We’ve helped over 1,000 leaders take their organizations from smothering complexity to execution of a clarified vision. We can help you, too.

More About Our Proven Consulting Process:

Our consulting process is specifically designed so that your church or nonprofit can continue ongoing important work while making concerted and intentional progress on its long-term goals.

Here’s how we do it:


Deep Listening Assessment

Whether you are looking for church consulting, nonprofit consulting, or consulting for a higher education setting, the core of our process remains the same. We always listen to get a full picture of the unique needs and aspirations of your ministry.


Customized Blueprint

Based on what we learn about the goals and challenges of your ministry or organization, we design a one-of-a-kind strategy for moving forward, making progress sustainably, and getting results.


Strategic Implementation

Finally, what makes us unique in the church consulting space is that we work with you and your team to implement that one-of-a-kind strategy in alignment with your organization’s unique DNA to bring about real and lasting change.

Three men and one woman looking at a laptop, smiling for Ministry Architects Consulting Services Page


create and sustain momentum across a variety of ministries, programs, and processes

Youth Ministry Consulting

build thriving, sustainable ministries for teenagers and their families

Young Adult Consulting

engage young adults in pursuit of a vibrant, contagious faith

Children’s Ministry Consulting

move from last-minute scrambling to implementing long-term solutions


structure your staff for maximum impact and job satisfaction

Worship Consulting

evaluate and redesign a worship experience that inspires and fills your congregation

What Our Church Consulting Clients Have To Say:

Knowledgeable & Friendly

My consultant coach was very knowledgeable, friendly and a great listener. He understood my concerns and helped me to move forward and advance through a plan tailored based on my ministry’s needs.
Raquel Blanchard
Eagle Rock Baptist, Los Angelas, CA

Personal Attention

The report and assessment are fantastic. Ministry Architects has helped us see what needs to happen next and the sprint we have done was really helpful. My favorite part has been the personal attention and help in getting through some rough patches as there are transitions and church politics on board.
Shannon Kelly
The Episcopal Church-Domestic and Foreign Missions Society, New York, NY

Highly Recommend

Ministry Architects helps take the strain off of the search committee. They’re organized, prioritize clear communication, and they know when to step up and take charge versus stepping back and letting the church members lead. I’d highly recommend Ministry Architects.
Ellie Stewart

An Ecumenical Approach to Organizational and Church Consulting:

Ministry Architects has worked with over 1,000+ churches and organizations through our nonprofit and church consulting services, church staffing, ministry admin services, and coaching. With over 70 experienced ministry leaders and consultants, we connect with churches and organizations across a spectrum of denominations and beliefs because we come from a variety of different backgrounds ourselves. Check out some of our previous clients or schedule a call to learn more about how we can work with your church, nonprofit, or seminary.