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Small child touching and Bible as parent looks on

Easy Wins in Family Ministry

From a friend of Ministry Architects, Pastor Kevin Allen, guest blogger If the goal in Family Ministry is to help parents train up children who, as adults, are making disciples on their own, it may feel at times that it’s just wishful thinking and hopeful praying.  It can definitely seem overwhelming when a parent is…

selective focus photography of woman holding yellow petaled flowers

Be More Ted

Love it or loathe it, since its launch in 2020, ‘Ted Lasso’ has gained a global following. The award-winning Apple TV+ series follows the story of a college football coach from Kansas City who travels across the pond and manages a fictional English Premiere League soccer team, AFC Richmond. Ted’s unique leadership style has led…

Volunteers/Disciples Standing Around Chatting

Building Ministries vs. Making Disciples

Full disclosure: I think leaders and pastors fall into the trap of focusing more of their time on building ministries than making disciples. It is not that leaders and pastors don’t think discipleship is essential, but the reality is that discipleship does not pay the bills. The commitment to discipleship is time and energy-intensive, ultimately taking time and energy away from the ministries we are paid to oversee. As a result, discipleship takes a back seat to most everything else. 

two young adults laughing in a coffee shop

Nobody Wants to Work Anymore: Why blaming young adults won’t get us anywhere in the church.

The church in North America is shrinking and we blame the next generation, “nobody wants to go to church anymore.” We did it with Gen X. We did it with the Millennials. We’re doing it with Gen Z. However, I don’t think blaming the next generation of young adults for not connecting with what connects to us is going to right the ship.

How to Do 18-24 months of Sunday Morning Sermon Prep

How to Do 18-24 Months of Sunday Morning Sermon Prep

It’s Friday, and it happened again. You’re sitting in front of your laptop trying to come up with something to preach on Sunday. Your mind is blank. Your soul is dry. You’re frustrated and angry for getting to this point again. You were so excited earlier in the week about what you wanted to share. Now, you don’t want to be here, stuck doing sermon prep. It’s the weekend and there are other things you’d rather be doing. All the while your cursor is blinking, “You’ve got nothing. You’ve got nothing.”

Everyone is Welcome signage

5 Steps for Welcoming Families with Special Needs

It’s Sunday morning. Everything is ready. Materials are prepared, worship is cued, and volunteers are in place. Then it happens. One child’s behavior sends your morning off the rails. So much for well-made plans.  All children deal with behavioral issues now and then, but what if that behavior tells you something else? What if the…

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