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For those who serve with newborns through elementary school:

8 Essentials for an Awesome Kids Ministry Fall Kick-Off- Three Children at a Pie Eating Contest

8 Essentials for Every Kids Min Fall Kickoff

by Elaine Pendergrass

THE fall guide to preparing well for your awesome autumn start!

Spotlight: Church Nursery

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Sometimes we can be so focused on the big events for “the big kids”, we wait until the last minute to prepare for our littlest ones. Be sure to read this guide so that you’re ready for those babies and toddlers (and their families) before the back-to-school frenzy finds you.

Equipping Parents To Talk

by Elaine Pendergrass

Going back to school presents so many new things for children! There are new feelings, new people, new rules, new spaces. . . so much. And while little hearts and minds are able to take all that newness in, one of the best gifts adults can give a child is to help them talk it all out. So check out this questions-packed piece from Elaine Pendergrass and consider how you can share this resource as an encouragement with your parents and volunteers.

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