If you’re looking for guidance when it comes to how you approach faith formation in your church, check out some of these resources and schedule a call with a ministry coach today to talk more.

Curriculum Evaluation Guide
A resource to help you determine which curriculum is right for your context and community.

15 Essential Systems That Every Ministry Needs by Mark DeVries
As our founder and CEO has said for years, sustainability is built on systems. Make some space before fall to analyze where you need to invest time working ON your ministry, not just in it, so it lasts long past you.

Creating a Discipleship Pathway that Means Something by Renée Wilson
Do you ever wonder if what you’re doing is working? Spend some time with this question-packed piece and consider 5 key areas necessary to creating a discipleship pathway that matters. 

Hiding God’s Word Using All 5 Senses by Heather Kenny 
Youth Ministry and the 5 Love Languages by Jeff Dunn-Rankin
A new year presents new opportunities to consider the EXPERIENCES children, youth, and families have as a part of our ministries. Read these short but inspiring pieces and think about the ways you can expand how you engage your groups each week in this new year.

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