Silo’ing focus to teach and care for individual life stages has its place in our churches. But so do opportunities to invest in the whole family, all together. If you’re wondering how, spend some time with these resources then connect with us to talk more

3 Keys to a Family Ministry Fall by Chris Sasser
THE fall guide to preparing well for your awesome autumn start!

Family Ministry Matters by Chris Sasser
Multiplying the church’s impact in the lives of children and youth doesn’t have to be complicated. Using this straight-forward, yet often neglected, strategy, your ministry’s reach could expand beyond what you’ve ever imagined. 

7 Tips for Connecting with Families Using Social Media by Heather Kenny
We know, we know, social media is a blessing and a curse. AND – it’s a WAY. And we want to use ALL the ways to connect with families and folks in our community. 

Connection Weekend for Families by Lydia Choi
If you’re looking for a different idea to engage all life stages in your church, be sure to check this out.

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