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To help you and your ministry thrive with systems, personal support, and strategies that actually work.

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You are not alone.

Are you tired of trying to keep things afloat? Do you feel disconnected from your people or your calling?
There’s a better way, and we can help.

We understand

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Ministry Architects has served seminaries, judicatories, churches of 20 to churches of 10,000, and everything in between.

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How can we partner with you?

A clear path forward

Customized plans that get results

Invested partners

Experienced, innovative professionals who help accomplish the to-do list

Effective volunteer teams

A full roster of trained, invested volunteers

Mission alignment

Leaders and programs working toward a common goal

Increased personal capacity

Healthy systems that give you margin to rediscover joy while focusing on what matters most

Increased organizational capacity

Detailed analysis of what’s working, what’s not, and how to move from your now to your next


We’ve been where you are.

We know you didn’t get into ministry to feel overwhelmed or confused about where to go next. We can help you and your ministry thrive.

Our Process

How it works:

We have a straightforward approach that has worked for thousands of ministries. No matter your size or your budget (even if it’s $0!), we have something for you.

Let’s talk

Schedule a totally free, 30-minute call with an advisor.

Build a plan

Receive a clear, customized, and actionable plan.

Dive in

Let us do the heavy lifting, working alongside your team.

Our mission

Healthy systems.
Innovative change.
For the future of the Church.

We know you want to see lives transformed. To do that, you need a process that works. But time is short and often ministry leaders end up feeling frustrated and ineffective. We can help.

Here’s how:
  • We start by listening to you.
  • We develop a custom blueprint for your ministry.
  • We work with you to ensure the work gets done.

Want to try something for free?

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We have a proven volunteer recruitment process that has worked for dozens of churches and organizations. Try it for yourself. We guarantee that if you work the process two hours a week for six months, you will have all the volunteers you need.


What are people saying about
Ministry Architects?

“My experience with Ministry Architects has been nothing short of wonderful. They have done such an incredible job of listening, learning, teaching, and walking alongside our ministries at Christ Church.”

Karina Aragon-Buchanan

Christ Church Ponte Vedra, FL

“I really appreciate the hands-on support we get from our consultant. This makes all the difference.”

Jon Drasovic

First Presbyterian Church, Ogden, UT

“The benefits of partnering with Ministry Architects were apparent from the minute we contacted them about our grant ideas. We continue to benefit from their teamwork and experience as our grant program unfolds. ”

Alice L. Wood, Ph.D.

Bethune-Cookman University

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