A vibrant, thriving church lifts its eyes to see beyond itself. When a church is captivated by a God-sized mission and compelled to reach the nations, the resulting energy is contagious throughout the congregation. Conversely, when churches focus inward, they often begin a slow decline.

With a united vision to serve churches, we’re pleased to announce a new partnership between WorldVenture and Ministry Architects. WorldVenture brings nearly 75 years of experience in sending workers to the nations and establishing partnerships through global networks.  WorldVenture works with churches to deepen missions awareness and mobilize workers for cross-cultural ministry.

When your church partners with our joint Ministry Architects / WorldVenture team, the journey often begins with an assessment process of asking questions and listening to all involved.  From there, a customized report including recommendations and a blueprint for your church is created and presented. Your church then has the option to continue partnering with a Ministry Architects / WorldVenture coach to walk with you through a month-by-month plan for implementation.

While the way each church reaches beyond itself will be as unique as the people who make up its congregation, God’s intent is the same for every church: that we live out the Good News of Jesus beyond the walls of our church to the ends of the earth.

If your church is seeking an integrated focus and direction for its mission efforts, if you hope to see your church become more and more a church for others rather than focused on its own survival, if you dream of having a thriving missional heartbeat growing in your church, permeating and shaping every ministry of your church, let us know!