Contributor – Jeff Dunn-Rankin, Vice President of Consulting with Ministry Architects

I think when you tell a story, pray a fervent prayer or throw any sort of ministry into God’s waters, you never know where the ripples are going to travel.

Just now, I was praying after reading a passage in Matthew, and I was contemplating the moment where Jesus says to Peter, “Flesh and blood didn’t reveal that to you. It was my father in heaven.” As I was praying, a song called “Be Still” became part of my prayer. It just sort of slipped in, as a natural part of the conversation.

The song was written by Joshua Price, a super-gifted guy who came to our youth group when he was younger. Now he’s a worship leader whose music is sold in itunes.  Josh had no idea his ministry was at work in my life this morning.  But it was.

I think that must happen every day, all over the country – someone starts singing a song; or a kid in crisis remembers that God is still good. Meanwhile, the songwriter or the youth pastor is stopping at Starbucks or trying to find a Sunday school teacher or sleeping.  Completely unaware that God is using our work to change somebody’s world.

Today, I want you to be aware.

What we do – it matters.

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Jeff Dunn-Rankin has been Director of Youth at Christ United Methodist Church in Venice, FL since 1998. He has consulted with large and small youth and children’s ministries from California to Florida and is a frequent speaker at events from the Group/Simply Convention to KidMin.

He is a regular columnist for Group Magazine, and In 2011, Jeff wrote two books,  Before You Hire a Youth Pastor and The Indispensable Youth Pastor (Group Publishing), both co-authored with YMA President & Founder, Mark DeVries.

Before beginning church ministry, Jeff was managing editor of the Charlotte Sun newspaper. Jeff is a graduate of the Sewanee: The University of the South and has a Masters in Business Administration from Vanderbilt University. He currently lives in Venice, Florida, with his wife Mary Lou, and two children, Matthew and Katie.