Episode 139 – Why virtual assistants are on the rise (especially in ministry)

On this episode we dive into the world of virtual assistants and how this up-and-coming working arrangement can transform supercharge your ministry.


  • Virtual Ministry Assistants: partnering with churches in administrative areas like communication, finances, database, website, social media, and so on.
    • The vision is to take on some of the work distracts ministry leaders and staff from the primary work they are called and gifted to do.
  • Post-COVID, more and more churches are realizing the online ministry and social media is a vital part of how they reach people.
  • Hiring someone locally by the hour, you add $8-$10 per hour for benefits and such. Also paying for lunch break, cooler talk, management, and so on. The cost is often lower overall to hire a virtual assistant (even at a higher rate per hour).
  • Often having a local volunteer doing the things that can only be done locally makes a great pairing with a paid virtual assistant.
  • Build systems with your assistant like a rhythmic week or limiting the amount of draining meetings on each day.
  • The ideal church for a ministry assistant:
    • Spending time doing administrative work rather than ministrys
    • I don’t really want to do this but I HAVE to do this
    • In a gap between staffing (someone left and no one has been hired yet to replace them)
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