Episode 140 – Could bivocational ministry be the next big thing in small churches?

Today we explore bivocational ministry from the perspective of Chris Adams, a part-time pastor and real estate agent. He’ll share the blessings, challenges, and advantages of bivocational ministry including the opportunities for both big and small churches with this unique model.


  • Working in the secular world (e.g., as a police officer or real estate agent) can often lead to personal connections and ministry opportunities with people that are much harder for someone in full-time ministry.
  • “Can we call you part-time” – Chris’ forthcoming book
  • We often think that if God called us to do something, it will automatically be wildly successful. But sometimes faithfulness involves hardship. Sometimes it involves being flexible and adapting to new ways of work and ministry.
  • Having a part-time pastor can create extra space for members of the church to take more ownership of the ministry.
  • Bivocational pastoral ministry is almost a separately learned skill than full-time pastor ministry. There is a much more obvious need to give the ministry away.
  • The bivocational model has potential to help churches not only survive, but thrive, grow, and move forward in many flexible ways.
  • Email Chris: chris@callyouparttime.com
  • Email Trabelus: trabelus.whitfield@ministryarchitects.com