Episode 141 – The highs, lows, and unique opportunities of bi-vocational ministry

This week we talk with Mike Roberts about the challenges and advantages he faces as a full-time pilot and part-time youth pastor.


  • In many ways, bivocational ministry is not a new thing but a return to an old thing. Paul was bivocational thousands of years ago!
  • One of the benefits of being bivocational is that your finances are not completely dependent on the church, so you can be a financial blessing to your church and be investing more into the ministry financially than you are taking out.
  • One of the challenges is making sure that all of your vacation time is not consumed by ministry but is also being invested into your health and family.
  • Helpful resources and books:
  • Many times, being bivocational in ministry allows you to get outside the ministry bubble to open up more opportunities for other Gospel-focused conversations.
  • Leadership development is done through the opportunity to lead. Give them chances and let them make mistakes and learn from them.
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