Episode 149: The Easy Yoke: leading healed, healthy, and free

In this episode, author Michaele LaVigne explores what it’s like to lead well in a world of full of noise and burnout. Along the way she gives advice about how ministry leaders can stay grounded in a deep, genuine walk with Jesus.


  • We can’t just focus on competency in ministry. Character formation is the foundation that everything else is built upon.
  • Discipleship isn’t just about intellectual ascent or knowledge of certain things, but it should show up in how we live. It should change our lives.
  • One way of redefining sanctification is someone becoming more healed and more free. “Healed people heal people.”
  • Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
  • Contemplative Prayer: engaging scripture and prayer with our imaginations.
  • It can be argued that modern humans are the least exposed to silence in all of human history! Yet silence is a foundational practice of pausing and resting in the silence.
  • “We often try to do our way into being. Most of the time it’s easier to be your way into doing.”
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