Episode 157 – Fund-raising and Stewardship: Building a healthier more sustainable perspective

On this episode, we introduce a new way to think about stewardship and fundraising in your ministry that encompasses budgeting, relationships, as well as how you communicate and teach about finances and giving.


  • For most churches, stewardship and finances are only thought about and focused on for a few months or even weeks each year. There is a big rush to figure out budget and funding and then we wash our hands of it until the next time.
  • The important thing isn’t that your budget grows every year, but that your budget aligns to your ministry, vision, and values.
  • Ask the question: What does our budget say about the story of our church? From compensation, to giving, to missions.
  • It’s vital to build relationships and connect them with areas they care about in ministry. This naturally leads to giving.
  • Millennials (and others) don’t give just because they’ve been attending services for 2 years. Instead, they give when they feel connected, engaged, cared for.
  • Money is only 1 element of stewardship. There are also things like time and talent.
  • If the message around giving is, “We need your money or we won’t survive,” that doesn’t draw people to give. Instead, work on connecting people to the vision and mission and impact.
  • Even larger churches don’t often have people on staff charged with monitoring, and engaging, and ministering to people through finances.
  • Talking directly about giving is quicker and maybe easier than taking the relational approach, but it’s not as effective.
  • Consider: are you willing to minister to people in the area of finances? We are often willing to talk about many other challenging areas, but we won’t engage them in the area of finances.
  • Someone might only be able to give $15 per month at first, but discipling, serving, and building relationships with them can help them grow into more as they grow and are blessed. We need to be celebrating the gift even when it’s starting small. We need to care about them and their giving in the same way we care about someone who gives a lot more.
  • Check out the Sustainable Stewardship eCourse. A cost effective way to look at practices that help you move from going from problem to problem to sustaining stewardship in your ministry.
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