Episode 159: Youth Are Either Leading or Leaving: An Interview with Lyle Griner

On this episode we talk to Lyle Griner about how to make sure your students aren’t bored with church, but excited about it. And the solution may surprise you.


  • People go where there’s meaning and purpose in life, no matter what life stage they’re in!
  • Most of the time, when students have needs or issues, their first instinct is to talk to their friends about it. So that means we should be equipping our students to help each other with those kinds of challenges.
  • Leading can sometimes be just sitting and listening to a friend and supporting them.
  • Engaging young people in leadership helps them feel valued and shows them their place within the body of the church. Every person, active or not, needs to hear the words “We need you” at least twice per year.
  • What if we viewed every student as a leadership partner? How could that transform our ministries?
  • If students aren’t involved in services, they can feel boring, no matter how much energy we have in them.
  • What if confirmation was a learning lab, a place where we equipped them to actually love their neighbors? To plug in and participate in ministry? Can we help them find their love and passion?
    • “ Real education gives people new things to love.”
  • In general, people go where they are needed! But do they KNOW that they are needed in our ministries?
  • Peer Ministry Leadership: https://peerministry.org/
  • Lye’s book: Youth Are Either Leading or Leaving
  • Email Renee: renee.wilson@ministryarchitects.com