Episode 164: How to Find Peace, Unlock Joy, and Avoid Burnout Amidst the Holiday Chaos

In this episode, we discuss effective strategies to combat stress and burnout during the busy holiday season. Discover how to recognize warning signs, establish healthy rhythms, and prioritize self-care. Plus, learn valuable tips for managing expectations and maintaining resilience.

Show Notes

  • Things to watch for to be aware when stress or burnout is coming:
    • Pay attention to your body! Then look for things to give away or skip. You don’t have to be the hero. You are not anyone’s savior. When you try to do more than you can do, you end up doing more damage than good.
    • Watch your disposition. Your mental state. Are you cynical, negative, irritable, or short-tempered?
    • Have rhythms in place (especially during advent) to make sure you are taking time to meditate on and enjoy the focus of the season (Emmanuel, God with us).
  • There might be seasons where “survival mode” is the only path forward. In some ways, this is a question of resiliency and tenacity. To commit to move the ball forward for the sake of the kingdom and the community even in the midst of that tough season.
    • It might be helpful to think of it as ‘pacing’ instead of ‘surviving.’ “This is the leg of the race that I’m going to run a slower so that I can finish the whole race well.” Not everything has to be A+ work.
  • Eat That Frog! book by Brian Tracy
  • Healthy coping mechanisms for when you’re in a tough season (specifically around the holidays).
    • Get out of the office (especially in December). Turn off the email, phone, etc. Go for a walk. Go to a coffee shop. Get Christmas music going.
    • Go ‘off the grid’ strategically. Train your people that this season is one where you need some time/space.
      • Block out windows on your calendar for tending to your own soul and let those you serve know about them so they are communicated clearly.
    • Specifically for the holiday seasons: get some of the planning and creative work done in September or October to help relieve some of the pressure in December.
    • Ask the question: “What is mine to do?”
      • Is there anything that someone else could do equally as well or better?
      • Ask this question weekly or even every morning.
  • Use a tool like a Preventative Maintenance Calendar to help avoid getting overwhelmed or burnt out next year!
    • One step you can take: As soon as Christmas events are done this year, take at least a few minutes with your team and debrief and evaluate. What worked well? What should change for next time? Write that down and look at it in September next year.
  • Get clear with your ministry members and leaders about expectations they have around you especially during this busier kind of year.
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