Episode 165: How Spiritual Direction Can Take You Deeper in Your Walk With the Lord

In this episode, we explore the concept of Spiritual Direction. We’ll dig into what Spiritual Direction is, how it can help you, and the best ways to get started.

Show Notes

  • Defining Spiritual Direction:
    • There’s only one true spiritual director and that’s the Holy Spirit.
    • With human, spiritual direction is simply one person holding space for another person to experience God’s eager presence to be with them and for them here and now in the moment.
    • Spiritual Directors don’t really direct, but ask questions. There is a fundamental belief that there is no division between the ‘holy’ and the ‘ordinary’. It’s intentionally setting aside time to sit with God and a companion that will both listen to you. Then pay attention to how God is moving in and around you. Sit, listen, search, and wrestle. AND, to not do that alone.
    • Listening is one of the key components: listening to each other and listening for God who is leading the whole process. It’s less about directing and more about accompanying.
    • “Our faith is personal, but it’s not individual.” We can’t just do our faith on our own.
    • Spiritual Direction is not primarily about problem solving. It’s primarily about an openness to where God might be leading and where he wants us to go.
    • It’s all about watching for where God is in the present moment.
  • Spiritual Direction is a great thing to ADD to your schedule to help get control over your business!
  • One of the challenges to entering into Spiritual Direction is that we must be willing to be vulnerable to get out of it what God wants for us to get.
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