Episode 166: Unleashing the Book Within: A Discussion on Writing and Publishing

In this episode, we explain the journey of writing and publishing a book. We explore how it’s possible to balance family, work, and writing, and discuss the crucial question every author must answer: “What do you want your book to do for you?” We also touch on the power of patience, the importance of having a platform, and the healing process that writing can provide. Whether you’re an aspiring author or simply interested in the book creation process, this episode offers practical insights and advice. Join us as we navigate the world of writing, with seasoned guides Chris Sasser and Annette Safstrom ready to help guide you through your literary journey.

Show Notes

  • The journey to publishing is different for different authors, but often you want outside validation of the idea before embarking on the journey. Is this even something people would be interested in reading about?
  • How can someone write and publish a book while having a family and a job?
    • Being patient is key. Start thinking, researching, and taking notes. Then write a little here and there while having people read it as you go. “I’m going to do it when I can and be OK with that.” Writing first and worrying about publishing and marketing later.
    • Alternatively, working with someone who has written books previously on a new book idea lead to already having a publisher, idea, and deadline lined up before starting. This approach can be way more intense and a lot of work: finding every spare second to write.
  • Whatever your journey, the most important question you can answer before starting is, “What do you want the book to do for you?” It probably won’t make you rich. If you want to just get the information out there to help people in your context, that is actually not very complicated. The bigger publishing route can be much harder to get into.
    • You really already need a platform established for most publishers. You have to be able to sell your book to your own people.
    • If you want your book to go big, that’s a much harder process to walk through.
    • You can also get in touch with bloggers and podcasters that your target audience follows. Offer a few copies to them as giveaways for their audience.
  • One thing to watch for to determine if you have a potentially good topic for a book is to put the material out in various forms like blogs, podcasts, sermons, or teachings and watch how people respond. If they are expressing how helpful it’s been to them or enlightening or encouraging you to put it out to a broader audience. This might even serve as a way to write something: write it chunk by chunk over time and then combine it into a book once you’re been writing it for a while.
  • Publishing a book can be a way to build credibility and a platform, though that potential has diminished a bit with the self-publishing world now. But that only works if it’s GOOD! Both the content and the writing!
    • It also tends to bring opportunities to share about the topic in more contexts.
    • But make sure to check your heart! Are you really trying to help people? Or just building a personal platform for your own ego?
    • If you believe in the message that God has put inside you, and you’re not publishing something or getting it out there somehow, you might be unfaithful to the work that God is doing in you and through you.
  • Even if the general topic or idea might already be out there, but even if the content is similar the story will be different. Someone out their may have already said it, but someone may need to hear it the way I’m going to say it.
  • If you have something inside you that you suspect might need to become a book, just sit down and start writing it! Work on it little by little and have someone else read it as you go and give you feedback. Make sure it’s people who will tell you the truth no matter what.
  • Writing your story or your perspective can also be a healing process for you.
  • If you have ideas or more questions about writing a book, both Chris and Annette are ready and willing to help you along in the process!
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