Episode 176: Summer Siesta or Strategic Shift? Mastering Ministry During the Off-Season

Show Notes:

  • There are usually ripples that come from the changing of the weather or the changing of schedules during the summer months. It will impact each congregation differently depending on the culture and demographics of the area.
  • That being said, some things don’t shift as much.
    • Many people have shifted to online giving or scheduled giving because of COVID. This leads to a smoother trend in giving during the summer months even though some people may not be around as much.
  • Even if your people don’t fluctuate as much during the summer, it could be more about the staff feeling like they need a break between Easter busyness and fall busyness.
  • People are often more flexible in the summer. It’s a great time to try new things, even if they are very different than what you would normally do. Alternatively, you may try doing something more targeted towards insiders if you see less outsiders attending during the summer. Maybe read through a book of the Bible to target those who will never miss a weekend.
  • Help your people understand that as the leader, you need to make sure your priorities are organized correctly: Jesus, spouse, kids, then ministry. This means you may need to take extended time off during certain seasons. Whether during the summer or other times of the year, make sure they are aware of the key seasons you need to be able to be flexible.
    • If there is a time like that coming up, give them advance notice and prepare your people well to be self-sufficient while you’re gone. Reduce the stress for your people as much as you can to pave the way. That goes a long way toward your people feeling more comfortable when you step away for extended time off. Make it easier for the people who will be impacted by your absence,
  • “Every time someone gives you a platform, find a way to give it away.” Especially to someone younger!
  • Don’t be so sure that there is no ground to be taken during the lower seasons (like in the summer).
    • Do you really want to give up all that time? 25% of the year? Ask yourself: “Why are we doing this? Is it important enough that we shouldn’t stop for such a large portion of the year?”
  • Their lives are still going on! They still have needs even during the summer. Are we going to give up trying to meet those needs during the summer? People need you to be leading them and connecting them to God through all the ups and downs of their life.
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