Episode 178: AI in Action: Real-Life Use Cases to Enhance Your Ministry

In today’s episode, we return to the world of artificial intelligence and its massive potential for church ministries. We’ll explore real-life use cases that show how AI can streamline operations, enhance engagement, and drive innovation in your ministry.

Show Notes:

  • Check out the first part of our AI conversation
  • Blog Post: Embracing AI: A Pastoral Perspective
  • Free Resource: AI Cheat Sheet Download
  • When writing prompts:
    • Ask it to improve what it has done already (make it better).
    • Have a conversation: tell it the tweaks you want it to make to the work it’s already done.
    • Give it examples and specifics. Tell it what you’re trying to accomplish, about your target audience, the tone you want to strike, etc.
  • One thing that AI is very good at is to take something long and make it shorter and tighter and easier to follow. Using it as an editor can be very helpful and save a lot of time.
  • You can also drop data from a survey (for example, where people can write free-form content or feedback as the answer to a question).
  • After you try something and you don’t like the result, make sure you ask the AI to improve what it did. Give it feedback and allow it to make adjustments based on what you want it to produce.
  • Give it examples of work you’ve done in the past and then ask it to use that information as a template or guidance to produce a new one. It is good at emulating a style that it’s been given (whether your own or someone else’s).
  • We talked through many detailed examples and use cases for AI as well.
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