The Sustainable Ministry Show Episode 134 – Harnessing the power of your mistakes

On this week’s episode of The Sustainable Ministry Show, we’re talking about what to do when everything goes wrong. We’ve all made mistakes but many times those same failures can hold powerful opportunities for ministry.

  • No surprises! Always initiate with those around you when there is bad news coming so people can hear it from you directly rather than discovering it on their own. Always be the first one to call the pastor (or your boss) when something goes wrong.
  • As the person in charge, it’s up to us to think through all the “What if”s and have contingency plans and ideas in place. Many young leaders assume that the primary plan is the one that will work. It’s far better to have a second or even a third plan.
  • When people think no one has a plan, that’s when things start to feel bad. You get complaining and grumbling.
  • Look for teaching and introspection within the problems and challenges you face.
    • e.g., “Where was God in this situation? How is this similar to things we see in scripture?”
  • There are sometimes moments where the leader panics. Most of the time, that isn’t warranted. Instead, the leader can set a tone of calm and positivity and many participants and volunteers will mirror that response.
  • Leaders are human and should not feel bad or embarrassed about needing a few minutes to calm down or catch their breath in the midst of a crisis or unexpected challenge. That’s when you lean into the other team members and co-leaders for support.
  • The importance of getting out of the way as a leader in ministry.
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