Search Committee Support

Ministry Architects Search Committee Support

'Our meeting went well. This was a personnel meeting, which includes the Pastor. I achieved my goal of reassuring everyone that we are moving forward and that we have some excellent candidates! Your summary of the level of exposure and job postings that Ministry Architects was able to provide was perfect. The committee is confident that using Ministry Architects has been a good decision and that it has enhanced the number and quality of candidates. Your summaries of the phone screening interviews was very helpful. We are excited about the top 4-5 candidates, especially the top 2.'

Personnel Committee Chair - Hayes Barton UMC Raleigh, NC

Find a great candidate!!

Scenario #1: You hire a new church staff person and hope that they'll fix everything that is broken while they also get to know the families in your church. You're expecting that they'll be able to recruit volunteers and engage parents right away in this strange, new role. Of course, they'll also quickly cast a new vision that is a perfect fit for this church that they barely know.

Scenario #2: Before the search process even begins vision and expectations have become more vibrant and clear. Ministry proceeds even as the search rolls out and you notice that momentum is building even though you're short on staff. Throughout the search parents and volunteers are stepping up to support current programming and new ideas, too. Your new hire steps into a program that has been getting healthier everyday and they have the resources in place to build something that will last beyond their time at your church.

Do you need a new staff person? How about a healthier, sustainable program? How about both for less money than you would typically pay a search or headhunting firm?

Ministry Architects has been providing job search support for churches for many years. We've conducted over 60 searches and created sustainable ministries at the same time. We can help you find people that are looking, but that's easy.

Ministry Architects can also help you locate a candidate that may not even be looking for a job. How? We've worked hard to establish and protect a solid reputation with church workers, pastors, as well as youth and children's ministers. They know what we do and they want to work in a Ministry Architects church. Candidates know that they'll be stepping into a program with realistic goals, appropriate resources, and systems of support. Your opening will stand out from the hundreds of other churches that are hiring.

Our team would love to learn more about your church and your job opening. We'll work with you to co-create a solution that you'll feel good about. Call us today or send us a message.

We wrote the book on search work...really, we did! Mark DeVries and Jeff Dunn-Rankin wrote a helpful book called Before You Hire a Youth Pastor. Visit our Online Resource Store to check it out. 

What are people saying?

"I've done a lot of searches in my time in the church and this was probably one of the smoothest I've been through; nice to have an outside person to process things and talk with regularly."

"You saw things that we didn't catch."

"Your guidance in how to set up the interview process onsite was great."

"The questions you designed were focused and helpful. If you’re not trained in how to do interviews, it would be tough to navigate."

"Your preliminary interview saved us a lot of time."

"Your summary of all 3 candidates gave us a good feel for their personalities, and we could really zone in on that."