We Love Small Churches!

In our work with whole churches, Ministry Architects has created a division that is custom built for smaller churches.

This unique branch of our work happened quite naturally. Pastors who had heard about the Ministry Architects process asked, Could you do the same thing for a smaller church like mine? And, sure enough, the Ministry Architects team has now led a number of small churches into many of the same sustainable results once considered only an option for larger churches.

We’ve learned that when we work with smaller congregations (150 in worship or less), we can provide both onsite and offsite support, strategic plans with a modified number of recommendations for manageability, and, oftentimes, simultaneous assessments of the children’s and youth ministries. All of this leads to the same service and DNA of Ministry Architects delivered in appropriately-sized, affordable, targeted ways.

We have a whole team of small church specialists who are ready, waiting, and experienced in helping communities like yours create and sustain momentum. So click here and connect with us today to learn how we can partner with you!